Trees in the Mist

Trees in the Mist

Cats and more Cats

My world lately has been filled with cats. Actually, all my life has been enriched by cats--which I'll bet is true for many of you reading this!
Alas, all of my companion animals (a.k.a., "pets") have passed away. I miss feline company, though I enjoy the greater flexibility now to travel. For infusions of cat energy, I have been fostering kittens at home for a few weeks or months each year as a volunteer for the local animal shelter. 
I am often tempted to paint them, but I find it nearly impossible to finish a painting because they are always on the move, even during a nap!
Cats in photo books, however, make refreshingly still models.
Wild felines sometimes cross my path as I hike the parklands of Wilder Ranch, north of town, or at Año Nuevo State Park, further up the coast. 
And some appear in the journeys of my waking imagination.
Are you a "cat person"?


Carol said...

Lorrie...these cats are so beautiful!

Kelly said...

....I'm a cat person too, Lorrie! ...the paintings all are lovely. The journal entry is especially cool!